About Us

Since 1986, KT Surgico has provided high quality surgical instruments to hospitals and health services across all over the World. Our many customers have relied on KT Surgico expertise, particularly in the areas of instrumentation, instrument repair, and containerization processing
Our unwavering focus on maintaining top product standards and customer-oriented service has taken KT Surgico to where it is today – the unsurpassed leader in our chosen markets.
What excites us about going into work every day is the energy that surrounds us. This energy comes from our team’s commitment to constantly improve, innovate and find solutions for our customers.KT Surgico continues to take massive strides forward while always retaining the strong core principles that brought us here – committed customer relationships, passion for our products, a drive
to excel, and strict adherence to our CE & ISO & FDA Quality Management System.We remain proud to be a long-standing and successful company and encourage our customers to BUY, while we work to improve the communities in which we live. We look forward to serving you in the future and thank you for your continued support.
TEAM OF (KT Surgico)
KT Surgico is able to provide the widest range of instrument patterns. This we make possible by our close working relationships with over Ten Top class Importers/Buyers. We carry a full line of instrument patterns to serve the following specialties: SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, SINGLE-USE / DIS-POSSIBLE INSTRUMENTS, General Surgery, OB/GYN, Orthopedic, ENT, Surgical Professional Grade Instruments, Medical, and Dental, Scissors and tweezers, Hollow ware and
Laboratory Products. Especially Manufacturing TUNGSTEN CARBIDE INSTRUMENTS.
Our quality instruments are made of high-grade stainless steel, crafted to exacting tolerances, and then rigorously tested in-house for reliability and function. KT Surgico is CE & ISO & FDA & Quality Management System Certified and our instruments are backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and material defects. In addition, we carry a superior line of sterile containers and container supplies, fiber optic headlights, a full complement of ward quality instrumentation, and a KT Surgico TEAM WORK
KT Surgico Team brings over many years of industry experience to the table. Together, they represent the batter Services and vision that fuels our strength as a company and as a pioneer in our industry.
Our Team is actively involved in growing KT Surgico to its full potential through fostering ongoing education and advancement in product knowledge and industry specific standards. They are constantly working toward improving the KT Surgico product line, with an emphasis on forging long-term relationships with suppliers who uphold the same values as KT Surgico.
The KT Surgico Team aims to foster strong relationships with our customers through personalized service and product expertise. Our Territory Managers are seen as resources for instrumentation, containerization, sterile monitoring, and instrument processing. Through a process of on-going education, our Sales Team is tuned into the relevant industry topics that confront our customers on
a daily basis. We are exceptionally proud of the quality individuals that represent KT Surgico across the World We hope that KT Surgico is your first call when you have a question about the range of products
that we market.We thank you for exploring our Website/Catalog and appreciate your interest in our products and would welcome the chance to initiate business with your honorable company.
Best regards,
KT Surgico (CEO)